Retreats ranging from a night to a whole week provide an opportunity to get away from daily life and focus intently on your relationship with God.  Varying in style and content, these retreats can offer opportunities for individual reflections, meeting new friends, and growing in your spirituality.  

This spiritual retreat day is for anyone who is interested in living in a more conscious awareness of the presence of God in daily life.

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A directed retreat is an opportunity for an individual to focus on one's personal relationship with God, particularly one's prayer life, as well as one's relationship with others; this is done over a period of time in solitude and silence in communion with God. The length of time can extend from three to eight days to a full-length retreat of thirty days. The most commonly requested retreat is usually four to six days.

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The Way of the Desert: a Silent Directed Retreat
Ecumenical Lenten Retreat for Men and Women

April 2-5, 2017

Directed retreats offer extended time to tend to the movement of God in your life. It is a special time to go apart and listen, to draw close to the Presence and be refreshed in your inner spirit.

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