Council Retreat

Why retreat? I hear the protests now. You're too busy.

We're all too busy -- and that's the very reason we should take a retreat on a regular basis.  Not a vacation -- a spiritual retreat. A good spiritual retreat has some of the same features as a vacation: to get away, to leave work behind, to refresh our outlooks. But a good spiritual retreat will also give us tools to use as we return to our hectic lives.  ~ Kristin Berkey Abbott

Prayerful Leadership: a one-day retreat for congregation councils

Drawing on the teaching of Lisa Dahill, Professor of Worship and Christian Spirituality at Trinity Lutheran Seminary we will engage a movement from Baptismal Remembrance, to Entering the Sanctuary, to Pastoral Greeting...all in the name of and Presence of God in whose name we are called to minister to one another.  As part of this retreat we will explore various spiritual practices––Lectio Divina, silence, individual reflection––that encourage prayerful leadership before, during and after meetings.  This will involve both large group and small group work.

Finding that place of stillness within the individual and as a Council can make all the difference in the group’s capacity to be a discerning presence on behalf of the whole body of Christ.  Through this retreat individuals will learn how to be aware of God's presence and guidance during council meetings through more than a brief opening and closing prayer.

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