Living Fire Ministries provides Christian spiritual formation, spiritual direction, and retreats aimed at deepening our relationship with God and opening us to the presence of God through both individual and group programs.  Rooted in the cross of Christ, Living Fire ministry is part of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

tagCross smallImagine a "place" that is less of a physical space than it is a place in one's heart. This "place" is filled with relationships- connecting with God, with fellow ELCA Lutherans, and with ecumenical partners. One Holy Spirit of Christ draws us into community. Here pastors are renewed in the presence and love of God. Laity seek deeper understanding. Others want a taste of what is happening there. All are excited to bring the new life God is offering them to others.

This is a place to meet with God and/or others to deepen faith, to explore experiences, to discover a future together. Retreats, classes, speakers, and events enhance this life together, moving God's people into discipleship and service. Ideas are shared and collaborated upon. Prayer envelops the direction of ministry, from the most simple forms of service to the more complex.  Christian spirituality is nurtured through both formal and informal experiences.

When one knows there has to be something more than everyday church life, when one is looking for where God might be leading, when one seeks a friend who understands the heart - come to Living Fire Ministries. Deepen your roots and grow.