Spiritual Direction

the art of contemplative listening--listening with the whole of one’s being--helps groups and individuals listen more fully to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

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Foundations of Christian Spirituality, Phase 1

Entering the Narrow Gate

A year-long reflective study of the Christian Wisdom Tradition

Hosted by: St. Luke's Lutheran Church - Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Congregation Council Retreat

Prayerful Leadership: a one-day retreat for congregation councils

Learning to Find that place of stillness within the individual and as a Council can make all the difference in the group’s capacity to be a discerning presence on behalf of the whole body of Christ.

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Featured Book from the Library

Companions On The Inner Way: The Art Of Spiritual Guidance

by Moton T. Kelsey

Drawing on his many years of experience as a spiritual director and counselor, Kelsey shares his insights on spiritual friendships. He believes that, "It takes courage to set out on the spiritual journey, but it takes even more courage to accept the responsibility of walking along with another once we have really known the dangers ourselves." Kelsey's personal witness speaks to all of us.

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